my baby daddy, my hubby, the love of my life.
baby, you’re perfect.

as of a week ago, i have the man of my dreams back. tyler & i are officially together. forever. everything is so perfect. i have my family back, & we’re more than likely getting married next summer. for those who knew how it used to be with us, everything has changed. he tells me he loves me, he actually means it too ! he’s been the best nurse to me too while I’ve been recovering from surgery. he’s doing everything for me. guhhh, I’m so happy & in love.





To show our support for Christy Mack we are offering a $5K reward for info leading to the arrest of “War Machine.”

Signal boost the fuck out of this. This guy is a sociopath that JUSTIFIED BEATING UP A WOMAN.

She’s up it to $10,000

find this piece of shit


If you can’t deal with stretch marks then you can’t handle the booty.

- Aristotle


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driving hwy 410  | mt rainier, wa | 2014. 
#nationalpark #mtrainier #hwy410 #mtrainiernatlpark #volcano #beautiful #horizon
it’s too damn hotttttt. #EWa #wenatchee #104degrees #feelslikehell #sodamnhot
i miss @amewok so god damn much. omg. i need some nighthawk in my life.
single most sweetest story I’ve ever been told. <3 #makesmenotwannagiveup
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